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Product Introduction to a Celebrity

On June 15, 2019, owner August Agner introduced his newest creation to the world (or more specifically Rob aka “Vanilla Ice”). Rob had invited the SFD Industries, Inc. owner and his family to a special event commemorating his daughter’s first birthday. August decided this would be the perfect opportunity to debut his new concept to friend and drift trike owner, Rob. “Vanilla Ice” is an avid car & toy collector, so August knew his feedback would be knowledgable and helpful. Among party goers, other wealthy car & toy collectors were in attendance, too. Their responses helped August to receive additional expert feedback.

“That is so cool!”

“It’s electric?!”

“I’m speechless man, that’s awesome!”

August and I (Jessica) had already began to create the new business platform for the e-cycle, Rowdy Cycles. Social media profiles and a website were also in the works. We were anxious to receive the reactions from those who were able to view and test the new product. August’s first business, SFD Industries, Inc., was a wild ride fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants experience. He expects Rowdy Cycles to be just as exciting, but this time, he will be prepared for the ride.

Click the linked Instagram video post to see the raw, unedited initial reaction Rob had about the Rowdy Cycles e-cycle.